Kids Learn Igbo Numbers
April 4, 2015

Lively Last Session of Spring Term

The last lesson of Spring term was a great success, with a total of 18 children in attendance. The session started with a Nigerian Folk tale and the children learnt about: Eze (King), mbe (tortoise), enyi (elephant), enwe (monkey) etc.

The children then divided into an older and younger group. The younger children practised Igbo numbers, greetings and body parts. They also dressed up as Nnes (Mothers) or Nnas (Fathers).  The younger children enjoyed the folk song Onye ga-agba egwu? (Who will dance?).

The older children continued the Igbo alphabet lesson. They watched a YouTube clip on Igbo Alphabet by Chidi Igwe; practising each alphabet and sound in the words of different body parts.

There was a lively feedback session with the Igbo Hearts team and parents. Vicky, one of the mothers who found out about Igbo Hearts Language School from a Google Search shared her testimonial:

“We were looking for Chinese tutors and we found Igbo Hearts! Learning Igbo has introduced my son to a foreign language and culture, helped to improve his critical thinking skills as are the benefits of learning a foreign language. The learning environment nurtures the ambition and in my son’s words, ‘this is a great picture of my life at university in 2022!”  

The last session of Spring Term ended with refreshments for the children.

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