Lesson Schedule

All lessons are on Sundays at 5pm for one hour.

Spring Term Dates

Sunday 8th May 2022
Sunday 29th May 2022
Sunday 19th June 2022
Sunday 10th July 2022

Igbo School

HEaRTS Igbo School was established in February 2015 to provide language and cultural education for children and youths, and other members of the community who are interested in learning the language and culture of the Igbos. As a cultural organisation, IGBO HEaRTS is serious about the promotion and continued development of the Igbo language.

The vision under pinning the School is for Igbo Children and others who are interested, to learn the Igbo language, understand and experience the culture and be inspired by the family-centric and entrepreneurial way of Igbo life.

Learning on Zoom

With internet access, our Igbo language learning sessions can be accessed on any devise and from anywhere in the world. We have kids attending from across the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, the European Union and the United States.

We welcome children from every part of the world and it doesn't matter if your ancestry is Igbo. The important thing is having an interest to learn the language and culture of one of the most interesting tribes of Africa.

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