Helping our children and youths learn Igbo language.

HEaRTS Igbo School was established in February 2015 to provide language and cultural education for children and youths, and other members of the community who are interested in learning the language and culture of the Igbos. As a cultural organisation, IGBO HEaRTS is serious about the promotion and continued development of the Igbo language.

The vision under pinning the School is for Igbo Children and others who are interested, to learn the Igbo language, understand and experience the culture and be inspired by the family-centric and entrepreneurial way of Igbo life.

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Details to help you enrol your children.
The Igbo lessons run once a month, on the third Saturday of every month, term time only, at Hatfield.

Autumn Term 2018

Dates: 22nd September and 27th October.
Venue:Conference Room, Stanborough Road, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6XF. (South Lake Entrance)
Time: Lessons run from 2.30 – 4.00pm.
Fee: £5.00 per child for each session.

The classes cover topics that can be used in every day context such as: greetings and common phrases, numbers, body parts, colours, household objects, time, shopping, food, alphabet, reading and writing. Words from topics will be repeated and also extended, (put into sentences) to consolidate learning.

At times the classes will be divided into levels of ability, in order to progress children at differing levels. For certain activities the 3 to 6 year olds will be in a group with the 7 plus in another group.

A variety of teaching methods will be used in the classes including: role play practice, games/activities to reinforce learning, Igbo audio-visual, reading and writing (older children), learning packs and handouts of words to practice at home.
Other activities planned include introducing the children to African drumming, Igbo dances and songs, Igbo folk tales, presentations on different aspects of Igbo culture including; traditional rulers, festivals etc. These will take place in the form of presentations in the classes or offered as separate workshops.
A commitment is also required from parents to:

  • Help children with homework
  • Word practice at home – Igbo language to be used in everyday context
  • Participation in organising presentations to children on different aspects of Igbo culture or being involved in event planning
  • Dropping off and collecting children on time
  • Parents can also volunteer as a parent helper to facilitate small group work, etc.
  • Encourage native tongue speaking among our kids.
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Enrol Your Child TODAY!

There are limited spaces for the School Spring Term.