IGBO HEaRTS seeks to promote community through the promotion of Igbo culture and the celebration of Igbo festivals in the United Kingdom. This is variously achieved through:

Festivals & Ceremonies: that promote awareness of culture and traditions like Iriji (New Yam Festival). This also includes traditional wedding ceremonies (Igba Nkwu), age grade ceremonies (Igba Afo), and Igbo themed parties among others.

Fashion, Arts & Music: Igbo arts and fashion exhibitions, cultural music, dance and drama, traditional sporting activities, etc.

Networking & Community: Providing opportunity for the entrepreneurial Igbo's to network and building collaboration across other communities and culture through the Igbo philosophy of Nwanne Di N'mba (we all have family far from home). Providing support and advise through the renowned nyelu nwanne go aka (be-your-brothers-keeper) community philosophy of Igbo culture.

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