Kids Learn Igbo Numbers

Spring Term Begins
March 12, 2015
Lively Last Session of Spring Term
July 15, 2015

Kids Learn Igbo Numbers

The second Igbo lesson successfully held on Saturday 21st March. 15 children attended. Initially the children recapped from the previous session on body parts and common greetings in Igbo.

All children were then taught how to introduce themselves and say their age. The older children practiced counting to 20 and writing their numbers in Igbo, whilst the younger children used the resources such as a big dice and table tennis balls with the words written in Igbo, to match them to the numerals of numbers 1-6.

The children watched a clip from YouTube of Igbo children counting made by Willy Euro, saying body parts, praying, singing a chorus and answering some questions in Igbo. In the clip they say, “I am proud to be Igbo, it is good to speak Igbo”.

There are still places available for this term, so register now and pay £22.50 for the outstanding 3 sessions (Sat 18th April, 16th May and 20th June) remaining this term.

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