IGBO HEaRTS Language School Taster Session

Our Children. Igbo Heritage And The Diaspora.
March 11, 2015

IGBO HEaRTS Language School Taster Session

The first IGBO HEaRTS Language School taster session was held on Saturday 21st February 2015. We had 28 children attend the debut classes, whilst their parents attended a presentation about the IGBO HEaRTS Language School.

The children played games to help them learn greetings like:


“O di mma”!

They also practised:

“Kedu aha gi”? 

“Aha m bu…” 

A fun audiovisual was also shown helping the children to learn the different body parts like: “Aka – Hands”, “Nti – Ears”, “Anya – Eyes”, etc. At a corner of the classroom was a display table of Igbo foods, for the children to learn names of some foods in Igbo.

The parents joined their kids for the last 10 minutes of the session and observed the children in role-play practising the greetings and names of body parts in Igbo language. At the end, with smiles and applause the parents were impressed with their children’s new Igbo vocabulary.

The school held in Hatfield at the University of Hertfordshire, Law Department lecture hall. If you are keen for your child to learn the Igbo language and also get to know about the Igbo culture, sign up for the IGBO HEaRTS School.

Learn more. Enrol your child.

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