Our Children. Igbo Heritage And The Diaspora.

IGBO HEaRTS Language School Taster Session
March 11, 2015
Spring Term Begins
March 12, 2015

Our Children. Igbo Heritage And The Diaspora.

Since ancient times, the Igbos have been famed entrepreneurs and great travellers, known to establish roots in new and far flung lands. The Igbo people are hard working, enterprising, industrious. And we make things happen! We love and are dedicated to family both immediate and extended, thriving in a close-knit community that is very open and welcoming to others. Here in the United Kingdom, this has been evident.

The Igbo culture and worldview encapsulates the Golden Rule and Live and Let Live. As the ancient idom espouses: “Egbe belu! Ugo belu!!” – Let the Kite perch and thrive! Let the Eagle pearch and thrive too! The rich culture deep worldview, encourage Igbos to integrate any where they make home, positively contribute and make a difference in any community they settle in. Thus the Igbo ancestors say, ”ebe onye na eli k’ona awachi’ – A person protects and preserves the place where he earns and makes a living. Thus the typical Igbo person is bound by the culture and traditions of the Igbos to be a good citizen and contribute to the British society.

The founding of IGBO HEaRTS is very much inspired by the determination to help our children imbibe the virtues of the Igbo culture. The next generation need to know this. It is essential that our generation take this to heart. We are charged with the duty to impart our heritage unto our children and help them grow up and be exemplary citizens in whatever community or country they find themselves in. Here in Hertfordshire, we are determined to join others to work towards the good of the community. And teach our children their civic responsibilities as a core aspect of our heritage as Igbos.

At IGBO HEaRTS, we believe that this can be achieved through teaching our children the Igbo language and culture. Let’s clear the scorecard; let’s change the status quo and stereotype. Let’s give our children an identity and a legacy, which will keep them in good stead for the future to be the high achieving and helpful pillars of the community that we know they can be.

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